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March 2020 EVALI Update

New information from CDC on EVALI (E-cigarette & Vaping Associated Lung Injury): 82% of cases involve vaping THC from marijuana 52% of cases involve someone

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Communication is Key

Results of the Illinois Youth Survey show that most Deerfield High School and Highland Park High School students — 70% — choose to be alcohol

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Did You Get Your Card?

Did you notice the postcard we sent you among your holiday cards? We hope the information about the impact of marijuana on the teen brain

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Typical Teenage Behavior?

While most teens in our area make the healthy choice to not use alcohol and other drugs, others are struggling with frequent use or addiction.

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Teen Brain Development

Weather in Chicago is a lot like a teenager–unpredictable from one moment to the next. Teens are in a phase of change with hormone levels

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Transitions and Summertime

School is out, and the passage from school to summer comes with plenty of transitions for our teens. Tweens are transitioning from grade school to

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