Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Holiday Celebrations & Teen Expectations

With the holidays around the corner, parents can reinforce their family’s expectations as it relates to alcohol so everyone can enjoy the spirit of the season.

  • Parent disapproval is one of the top reasons teens choose not to engage in risky behaviors so be clear about your expectations and don’t relax them just because it’s the holiday season.
  • Role model responsible drinking — your teen is always observing your actions whether at home or at parties.
  • Short, infrequent discussions can have a real impact on your child’s decisions about alcohol and can be far less intimidating and uncomfortable for both of you than the BIG talk.
  • Remember the conversation goes both ways. Talking to your child about your expectations is essential, but it is also important for your teen to know that you’re listening to and hearing what they have to say.

For more on how parents influence teen drinking, read (or listen to) this NPR Morning Edition report with research findings on the “European Drinking Model,” in which children are socialized to drink at the family table with the expectation that they’ll learn to drink responsibly.

Does Your Family Have Clear Rules About Alcohol and Drug Use?
Responses from local parents (N=808 respondents) and students in High School District 113 (N=2821 respondents) according to online parent survey and Illinois Youth Survey, 2016.

And in case you missed our May newsletter, here is some additional information on the power of your words and actions.