Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free


Youth Committee

Responsible for youth initiatives, identifying opportunities for youth collaboration, helping the coalition message appropriately with the youth population, and facilitating youth events.

Parent Committee

Responsible for the development of parent resources, skill building opportunities, parent pledge, parent support network, website content, and more. This committee is made up primarily of parents who represent multiple sectors.

Education Committee

Responsible for reviewing school curricula and researching in-school prevention programming. This committee is made up primarily of school administrators and staff, including social workers, counselors, and health teachers.

Mitigation Committee

Responsible for the enforcement of local ordinances and policies, as well as gathering important law enforcement data for the coalition. Also responsible for recommending local ordinance revision and policy change, and implementing enforcement strategies such as compliance checks and shoulder tapping.

Communication Committee

Responsible for coordinating communication of CTAD work through a highly coordinated network of platforms amongst the served communities. Members include local media members, district administrators, and local communications experts.

Finance Committee

Responsible for the development and supervision of coalition financial practices.

Faith Committee

Works with other committees to ensure coalition materials/activities are sensitive and relevant to our faith community. Encourages faith community leaders to participate in youth drug prevention efforts through education on addiction and prevention strategies. Members represent clergy and lay leaders from several faith traditions.

Evaluation Committee

Compiles and reviews local data to track progress and ensure that coalition activities are based on data-driven decisions. Also assists committees on evaluation efforts of their activities.

Membership Committee

Responsible for member recruitment, training, and retention by providing meaningful, engaging opportunities and recognition of contributions.