Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Stress Management Tips for Teens by Teens

Deerfield & Highland Park High School students show strength and resiliency during challenging times. They manage stress in healthy ways. To relax, they listen to music, talk to friends, read and meditate. They avoid marijuana and vapes which increase their heart rate. Below are more stress management tips from DHS and HPHS students. They find balance. They are drug-free. They got this.

Stress Management Tips
Suggested by DHS & HPHS students Olivia Alvarez, Yaneli Betancourt, Leonor Carillo, Jessica Lew, Angie Lofland and Vicky Sobot


  • Go for a drive with your favorite music
  • Take a walk outside and take pictures of the beautiful views you may see
  • Do some yoga or stretching
  • Go stargazing
  • Get your favorite comfort food

Emotional Self-Care

  • Hug your pets
  • Reach out to a friend
  • Talk with someone you trust about how you are feeling
  • Write your feelings in a journal
  • Keep a positive mindset
  • Reward yourself for accomplishments
  • Practice mindfulness: try taking a few minutes to focus on your breathing in silence
  • Download the app Calm for breathing exercises

Distraction & Humor

  • Draw, listen to music, dance, workout or try hobbies to keep your mind off your stress
  • Play a board game with your family
  • Set time aside to watch your favorite tv shows
  • Listen to a funny podcast
  • Watch a funny video on YouTube


  • Have a planner to help you organize your schedule
  • Pre plan as much as possible

Physical Self-Care

  • Create an exercise regimen: spend some time of your day getting in a workout that you enjoy to help manage and reduce your stress
  • Play your favorite sport