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How Do I Get my Child to Open Up?

60 Second Conversation Starter

Sometimes it’s a real challenge to get children to open up. Here are some proven tips that may get them talking!

  • Reassure them that you’re offering support and they should feel safe talking to you.
  • Actively listen and refrain from jumping in and “fixing” the situation or issue.
  • Validate your child’s feelings. If they feel sad or upset, let them know how you appreciate their courage and how proud you are of them for sharing their feelings.
  • Be authentic, open and relaxed. Your child can tell if you’re not genuine.
  • “I don’t know” and “let me think about that” are acceptable responses. It gives you more time to find an answer or someone who can help.

Source: The Power of Choice, 360 Youth Services

It’s not one 60-minute conversation.
It’s 60 one-minute conversations.