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Parent to Parent

We’re in This Together Want to connect connect with other parents without a major time commitment? Support our mission to reduce alcohol, marijuana and other drug

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Pandemic Ads Target Youth

It’s Not Just Advertising Industries Target Underage Youth Below are marketing strategies that directly impact youth. Some may surprise you. Pandemic Marketing The vaping industry

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Parents New Roles during E-Learning

Talk, Monitor, Secure With students remote learning this fall, parents have to “pinch hit” for traditional school roles, including teachers, advisers and school resource officers.

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Vaping’s Link to COVID-19

60 Second Conversation Starters about Anxiety & Social Distancing Young people aged 13 – 24 who vape are five times more likely to be diagnosed

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Teen Vaping in Lake County

60 Second Conversation Starter When it comes to vaping, the 2020 Illinois Youth published data shows that in Lake County: A large majority of 10th

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Support is a Text Away

Text-A-Tip is a great resource for our youth during the pandemic or when talking to a parent or other trusted adult is not possible. Students

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