Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Most DHS & HPHS Students Follow the Law

There are many reasons our youth make drug-free choices. More than half of DHS & HPHS students say they don’t drink alcohol or use marijuana to keep their body healthy, to be a good role-model and to perform their best in sports, art and academics.

The second most popular reason students say they are drug-free is to follow the law. Seems like most of our youth want to do the right thing, since 82% think it is wrong for teens to drink and 80% say it is wrong for them to use marijuana.

This year’s awareness campaign at DHS & HPHS highlights some of the reasons students choose to be drug-free, like staying in control and following the law. Whether your child is in high school or middle school, you can help reinforce their good choices by asking about their reasons to be drug-free.