Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Tips to Support Your Friends for Teens by Teens

Deerfield and Highland Park High School students show strength and resiliency during challenging times. They are good friends. To show they care, they listen, make time, laugh together, and look out for each other. They avoid marijuana and alcohol so they are always ready to help. Below are more tips from DHS and HPHS students on how to support your friends. They make a difference. They are drug-free. They got this.

Friendship Tips

Suggested by DHS & HPHS students Olivia Alvarez, Kayla Chang, Julia Flesicher, Jessica Lew and Nicole Mlynski.

Make time

  • Spend time with them
  • Reach out to make plans
  • Try something new with them
  • Listen to each other
  • Put your phone away when you are having a conversation

Show you care

  • Check in once in a while: send a text or talk to them at school
  • Text them to ask how things are
  • Ask about their day
  • Give hugs (if you are both comfortable with that)
  • Stay loyal

Be ready to help

  • Be there for them during hard times
  • Offer help with schoolwork
  • Cheer them up when you are sad
  • Invite them to hang out when they are stressed
  • Offer to help with things they struggle with
  • Give thoughtful advice
  • Get help from an adult when you think they are in trouble