Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Tips to Keep Kids Safe Over Summer Break

Summer is here which means kids have more time and opportunities to be on devices. The internet can be wonderful for enhancing kids’ education, but if children don’t learn how to properly navigate and communicate in this digital age, they can walk into trouble.

My role as Director of Safety and Security for Districts 106, 109 and 112 is to keep our kids safe. I emphasize teaching students how to become digital citizens, equipping families with the skills and knowledge to monitor what their children are doing on their devices, and having tough conversations about the appropriateness of content when needed. Whether your child is curious about what you’re doing on your phone/tablet or trying to convince you everyone but them has a smartphone, it’s never too early or too often to have age-appropriate conversations.

I invite you to check out this library of resources  with answers to many questions including:

  • What is the appropriate age for kids to have a smartphone?
  • What is Roblox and what does it do?
  • What are the best tools to monitor your child’s online activity?

Let’s work together as a community to steer our children away from inappropriate content and make responsible decisions in this highly digital world.

Solveig Jurmu
Director of Safety & Security
School Districts 106, 109, & 112