Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Celebrate Healthy Choices

Most DHS & HPHS Students Make Them

Despite the many pressures teens deal with, most DHS & HPHS students choose to be drug-free. Every survey* these students have taken since 2008 consistently show that a majority choose not to use alcohol, marijuana, vapes or other drugs.

Why do our students choose NOT to drink alcohol or use marijuana?
Last May, DHS & HPHS students in CTAD’s Delta youth group surveyed over 500 of their classmates to find out. Here’s what they said:

  • 60% – to keep my body healthy
  • 56% – to follow the law
  • 55% – to stay alert or in control
  • 53% – to perform my best in sports, art or academics
  • 51% – to be a good role model to my team, siblings or younger students
  • 49% – to feel like my true self
  • 48% – to be a good teammate / not let my team down
  • 48% – to respect my family’s values
  • 46% – to be ready to help when my friends need support
  • 46% – to respect my teachers’ or coaches’ expectations

These numbers are a reason to celebrate! So, CTAD is featuring this information – along with more positive data that Delta students collected – on this year’s drug awareness campaign. We’re kicking off the year with a poster highlighting how many students are alcohol-free (78%) and marijuana-free (83%) along with the reason “to stay alert and in control.”

Whether your child is in high school or middle school, you can help reinforce their good choices by asking them about their reasons to be drug-free.

*Sources: Illinois Youth Survey, Center for Prevention Research & Development, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 & 2022 and Delta Intercept Surveys 10/18, 5/19, 10/19, 5/20, 10/20, 5/21, 10/21, 5/22, 10/22 & 5/23