Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Health Matters. Decisions Matter.

Delta’s YOU MATTER Campaign

4 out of 5 DHS students say that a healthy body is important to them. Staying active, getting good sleep, and eating fruits and vegetables goes a long way in maintaining their health. Being drug-free helps keep their immune systems strong.

Your Health Matters & Your Decisions Matter drug prevention posters created by Delta DHS and Delta HPHS teens83% of DHS & HPHS students say that staying in control is important to them. While there are a lot of things they can’t control, being drug-free means staying alert and in control of their own decisions.

The YOU MATTER campaign consists of PSAs throughout the high school buildings. Each encourages students to talk to someone if they are struggling or worried about a friend. Posters include information on a 24/7 text support line for those times a counselor, parent or other trusted adult isn’t available. Help is always a text away for students of all ages.

Created by CTAD and Delta students, the YOU MATTER campaign reminds students how important they are and why being drug-free matters. Their health matters. Their decisions matter. Their future matters. Check out these Health Tips for Teens by Teens.