Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Why Try Dry January?

Health Benefits you Might Like

There are many good reasons to try Dry January, a time when an adult chooses to cut out alcohol for a month. Whatever the reason, the noticeable improvement in how you feel may have you going “dry” well past January!

A Dry January can benefit adults in many ways:

Improved overall mood
More sound & restorative sleep
Fewer calories consumed from alcoholic drinks
Brighter looking (and slower aging) skin
Stronger immune system
Waking up to a better morning

A January pause on alcohol can help you rethink the role alcohol plays in your life. By doing so, you also role model healthy choices and self-reflection to your child.

Involve the whole family in making one or more of our non-alcoholic drink recipes from our Festive Fun for Everyone fact sheet, or consider making a hot cocoa “buffet” with lots of mix-in goodies to show how festive non-alcoholic can be.

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