Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Real Life Example: 60 Second Conversation Starter

It’s not one 60-minute conversation. It’s 60 one-minute conversations.“The CTAD concept of having 60 short conversations instead of one long one gives me courage to bring things up more often with my son (now a senior at HPHS). He AND I have learned from them. For example, before he goes to a party, I always bring up drinking and what time he’s coming home. One night his usual ‘I know, Mom’ turned into a real discussion about his perspective (my rules are to control him) vs. my perspective (the real reasons for the rules and how much I worry about him). It was eye opening for both of us.

“Whenever I’m waffling about bringing something up, I remember – lots of short conversations – and this gives me the courage to overcome my worry about annoying my kids for ‘bringing it up yet again’ (drinking, safe driving, Instagram, whatever topic). In the end, we’ve had a lot more (short) conversations!”

–Kristin, HPHS Parent

It’s not one 60-minute conversation.
It’s 60 one-minute conversations.