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Healthy Habits to Boost Kids’ Self-Esteem

As a Life Coach in Highland Park, Highwood and surrounding areas, I am committed to mentoring and coaching students to become positive role models and reach their fullest potential. In honor of National Self-Esteem Month, here are six tips to empower kids and help them develop their self-confidence:

  1. Don’t get upset about mistakes – Assist kids to see that everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them.
  2. Allow kids to fail – Teach kids that “trial and error” are how people learn and grow. Failure often leads to more significant effort. Ultimately, by overcoming adversity, children will feel a sense of self-achievement.
  3. Praise perseverance -Encourage your child not to give up after the first setback. Help them look for a solution so they don’t quit and continue to persist and achieve. A BIG life skill!
  4. Celebrate effort – Acknowledging achievements is terrific, but emphasizing their actions is more critical. It’s the effort that brings on growth and development.
  5. Embrace imperfection – What kids learn on TV, the internet, YouTube, etc., often does not reflect reality. For example, the belief that everyone is happy all the time is disastrous to their self-esteem. Be realistic and help kids understand what is real and what is pretend.
  6. Set them up for success – Help your kids find activities where they will be successful and comfortable. Challenges are great, but a well-rounded variety of activities help kids learn and live a more balanced life.

Coach Danny “Coach J” Jesselson
One Shining Moment Sports and Life Coaching 
Life coaches are a non-judgmental third party dedicated to arming your child with the right tools, skills and strategies to help them stay focused and achieve their goals. A life coach can help when your child feels stuck, doesn’t quite seem like themselves or lets “comparison-itis” or perfectionism rule their life.