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Volunteer Spotlights

Eliza Kalina & Nicole Mlynski: Spring Break Plans Revealed

As a DHS junior, Eliza Kalina has made her mark on Delta in numerous ways. She has been a strong recruiter and mentor, encouraging new members to participate and feel welcome. Eliza spearheaded the results of the After Party survey and trained new members on the best ways to collect data.

I’m traveling to Los Angeles, California for spring break to explore, relax, and visit colleges. It’s important to take a break from my phone and other distractions. I enjoy playing board games with my family and taking hikes. My friends and I choose to be drug-free so we can maintain happy, healthy lifestyles!

DHS senior Nicole Mlynski has been a Delta trailblazer as it relates to ideas, outreach and engagement. She has been a terrific leader, communicating Delta’s message in a clear manner and brainstorming ways to encourage more teachers to display the “You Got This!” posters.

My spring break plans include traveling to Indianapolis to participate in a club volleyball tournament. Since it’s a national qualifier, the pressure will be on! However, I find many ways to stay stress-free through exercise and mental health breaks, such as taking walks and spending time with friends. My friends and I choose to be drug-free to stay healthy which as athletes we really value!