Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Study Tips for Teens by Teens

Deerfield & Highland Park High School students show strength and resiliency during challenging times. They work hard for success. To stay focused, they plan their time, organize their space, and take breaks to recharge. They avoid marijuana and alcohol to boost their brain power. Below are more study tips from DHS and HPHS students. They work hard. They are drug-free. They got this.

Study Tips

Suggested by DHS & HPHS students Olivia Alvarez, Jessica Lew and Nicole Mlynski

Set the mood

  • Listen to study music, such as peaceful music with no lyrics
  • Find YouTube videos of people studying, and you can study with them!!
  • Have water next to you
  • Put your phone away

Take breaks

  • Take frequent breaks, about every 30 minutes
  • Go for an “idea walk” or walk before you get started
  • Get a snack

Study smarter not harder

  • Start a study group
  • Make flashcards
  • Make a study guide