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Collective Effervescence:

Moments of Meaningful Connections

According to New York Times guest essayist Dr. Adam Grant, emotions are social, often contagious, and an integral part of our interactions and connections with others. We are happiest in moments of “collective effervescence,” the sense of energy and harmony people feel when they come together in a group around a shared ritual or purpose. What is effervescence? A noun meaning enthusiasm, liveliness or joy.

Research finds that people laugh five times as often when they’re with others than when they’re alone. Everyday moments of “collective effervescence” increase the number of meaningful connections we have with others. Studies show people who experience these moments a lot tend to be happier and feel less anxious and depressed.

Boosting your family’s “collective effervescence” does not have to involve attending a large concert or major sporting event. It can happen through everyday moments of connection with one another:

  1. Create new family rituals like a weekly family game night or an indoor/outdoor picnic
  2. Drop in on an elderly neighbor and offer to help with yard work or errands
  3. Take a cooking class or attend an interesting lecture
  4. Enjoy family meals together and encourage a “No Phone Zone” at the table

Source: “What Happens When We Lose Our Social Rituals?” Greater Good Magazine, University of California-Berkeley

It’s not one 60-minute conversation.
It’s 60 one-minute conversations.