Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

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Did My Participation in CTAD Matter to My Kids?

When a friend suggested I join CTAD four years ago, my youngest child was a sophomore in high school. I’d like to think that my involvement in CTAD acted as a deterrent for my kids not to use alcohol or drugs. I decided to go directly to my young adult “sources” and press them on the subject. Here are the reasons they gave:

Jack, age 26: “Looking back, it was a combination of factors that kept me focused and healthy. My family environment, guidance from my parents, my close friendships and a commitment to my personal goals like playing college baseball.”
Claire, age 23: “My perception of alcohol growing up was that it was for special occasions and celebrations. I’m thankful my parents were positive role models for us.”

Ruthie, age 20: “I had too much at stake to risk all the hard work I put into athletics, leadership positions and academics.”

The silver lining during the pandemic is that we are all spending family time together. However, the rise in alcohol and marijuana sales is troubling. Since parents are the #1 influence in their children’s lives, we can all take advantage of this bonus family time by talking to our kids, being good listeners and “checking in” on their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Even if your kids aren’t driving or venturing out of the house much, it’s important to reinforce how much you care about their long-term health. What you say and do does matter. Your future young adults will thank you one day!

Martha Silberman
Deerfield Parent & CTAD Coalition Member

Try out CTAD’s Parent Committee and learn you’re not alone in raising your children. Meet other parents who share the same experiences you do and who just may offer some “a-ha” moments and helpful tips! To learn more, please contact Catherine Spencer