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Kindness is Contagious

and Good for Your Health Being kind is as easy as paying someone a compliment, and small acts of kindness can lead to a ripple

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Share Gratitude this Holiday Season

Spread Goodness to Others Research shows that expressing gratitude has a wide range of benefits, including: Reducing stress and anxiety Boosting mood Re-focusing on what

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Maintain Emotional Well-Being

Through Podcasts, Apps & More It’s important for teens and families to share feelings openly while prioritizing healthy ways to maintain emotional balance. Here are

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Cabin Fever?

Step Outside and Try Something New Local, virtual events and acres of open parks and forest preserves allow families plenty of options to move outdoors

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Parent to Parent

We’re in This Together Want to connect connect with other parents without a major time commitment? Support our mission to reduce alcohol, marijuana and other drug

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Pandemic Ads Target Youth

It’s Not Just Advertising Industries Target Underage Youth Below are marketing strategies that directly impact youth. Some may surprise you. Pandemic Marketing The vaping industry

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