Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

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Power of Community

An “anti-drug” is any motivator that helps youth avoid the temptation of drugs. It can be an internal factor like the desire to succeed or an external factor like family support. Anti-drugs are often activities like sports, clubs and creative pursuits. At CTAD, we believe our very own community is one of the best anti-drugs (hence our name: Community – The Anti-Drug). Our schools, parents, community leaders, local nonprofits, police and even the kids themselves help guide young people toward healthy choices, set them up for future success and support them when they struggle.

The strength of our community and how much we care for one another became even more apparent after the 4th of July attack in Highland Park. Parents scooped up children separated from their families, counselors donated services to help us cope with the trauma, hundreds contributed to fundraisers and thousands attended memorial services. Our law enforcement, government, schools, libraries and local businesses work to help us feel safer and connected to each other.

We are all on a healing journey, starting in different places, taking different paths and going different speeds. While CTAD is not a mental health service organization, many of our members are mental health professionals. They recommended resources for different age groups, which are listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

CTAD has over 100 volunteers and 30 partner organizations, all of whom are committed to support our youth, to help them feel protected, confident and empowered to make drug-free choices. While some teens may turn to alcohol or other drugs to help them cope with the emotions they are feeling, there are also many who will continue to be drug-free. Some of them are in CTAD’s youth group Delta. Delta students strive to inspire their peers by building a positive, supportive culture. Our Delta Presidents Norah and Eliza share their experience in the article below and encourage more teens to join.

CTAD’s strength is our community and how much we care for one another. We are committed to our young people. If you are able, we welcome you to join us, make us stronger and help more of our youth have a strong, healthy future.

CTAD Executive Director