Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

How Will You Celebrate the Holidays?

Delta Students Find Healthy Ways

Lille Ochs enjoys a hot chocolate while braving the elements.

Yaneli Betancourt and other HPHS Delta members displayed prevention messages using chalk art during Red Ribbon Week.

CTAD asked both Lille and Yaneli how they are staying safe, healthy and positive during the 2020 holiday season.

What nonalcoholic drinks does your family serve during the holidays for youth and others who don’t drink?

Lille: On Christmas and New Year’s Eve we drink sparkling grape juice and apple juice. We also have sodas, including my favorite Green River!
Yaneli: My family mixes fruits and juices that match with the holiday or theme we are celebrating.

What are some gifts on your wish list that support your goals, passions or other healthy choices?

Lille: An Apple Watch is on my gift list. I’ve exercised more, and it is a perfect way to keep track of my heart rate, the distance I’ve walked, and other good health information!
Yaneli: I would like an SAT or ACT study guide to help me earn good scores so I have options for colleges.

What changes will you and your family make to keep everyone safe while celebrating the 2020 holiday season?

Lille: We’ll celebrate outside on our patio with heat lamps. We will physically distance from my grandma and will Zoom with our distant relatives.
Yaneli: We will have much smaller, more intimate holiday dinners so we all stay safe. I will keep in touch with friends through virtual dinners, parties, and other fun activities to stay connected.

Any New Year’s resolutions related to your goals?

Lille: I want to keep a positive mindset and to become more of an optimist. With college starting in the fall, I will look at the brighter side of life more!
Yaneli: I have two goals I’m working on. One is to be accepted into college. The second is to continue donating to those in need. During these trying times, many people need clothing and other items. It brings me joy to see how appreciative others are and acknowledge the good things in life.