Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

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Alcohol & Marijuana during Quarantine: 5 Tips for a Safer Home

5 Tips for a Safer Home

According to Nielsen data, sales of alcoholic beverages in the US increased 55% compared to this time last year, and online sales are up 243% over one year ago.

After just two months in business, retail marijuana stores were deemed essential and could remain open while other businesses closed. According to Politico, states with legal marijuana have seen sales spike as much as 20%.

This increased use in the home may affect youth perceptions of when and how often people drink alcohol or use marijuana, which can influence how they choose to deal with anxiety or boredom in the future. Furthermore, more alcohol and marijuana in the home can make it easier for teens to experiment.

“Availability makes it very difficult to maintain abstinence,” said Dr. Danish Alam, addiction psychologist at Northwestern Medicine. “If you think of it purely from an addiction doctor perspective, availability is the #1 risk factor.”

5 Ways to Protect Children During Shelter in Place:

  1. Have ongoing conversations about healthy coping methods. National Institute of Health offers some great tips!
  2. Have an adult sign for and open all packages that arrive at the house to deter youth from attempting to purchase alcohol or marijuana online.
  3. Monitor supplies of alcohol and marijuana closely and consider keeping it locked either in a liquor cabinet, file cabinet or other storage/box with an attachable lock. Here are additional ways to secure your supply.
  4. Consider purchasing smaller quantities.
  5. Use a marker to indicate the amount left in bottles/containers.