Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

Deerfield Public School District 109: Highlights of the Botvin LifeSkills Program

District 109 has taken a big step toward equipping its students and their families with tools that will help reduce substance use and abuse among children. District 109 is one of the first school districts in the area to use the Botvin LifeSkills Program in classrooms with students, and in evening sessions for parents.  Superintendent Michael Lubelfeld says, “Together we can help ensure our children have the tools they need to make good life choices.” Click here to view the video.

The successful implementation of the parent program, running on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.through March 7th at Shepard Middle School, is a result of the tireless efforts by Dr. Lubelfeld, Joanna Klopfer, Assistant Director for Student Services, and Cathy Kedjidjian, Coordinator of Communications & Community Relations, along with generous support from Julie and Mark Filler of the Jordan Michael Filler Foundation.

Plan to attend an upcoming session: click here for details.