Keeping our Teens Drug and Alcohol Free

CTAD Successes in 2016

At CTAD’s Annual Meeting in December, coalition members gathered to review our accomplishments, develop a strategic plan for the coming year, and elect new board members.

2016 CTAD Successes
The dedicated efforts of our passionate volunteers and committee members resulted in many successes last year. Below are a few examples of how their tireless hours made a difference in reducing the use and abuse of alcohol and marijuana among our youth.

CTAD Board of Directors

We extend our appreciation to our continuing board members, newly elected board members, and those that have served us in the past. It takes a community and its many sectors to care for our youth and ensure the best future possible for them. It is their commitment and efforts that make our accomplishments a reality.

Heartfelt thanks goes out to our departing board members, who almost all continue to support and be involved in CTAD in other roles: Sandra Arreguin, Beth Bernat, Megan George, Rick Julison, Tom Koulentes, Annette Lidawer, Brian Romes and John Sliozis.

See the current CTAD Board of Directors here.